#0508 Tehachapi Loop


#0508 Tehachapi Loop

Site information:

Woodford-Tehachapi Rd, 3.2 mi E of Keene exit, 6.5 mi W of Tehachapi

The actual site is at 35.201126, -118.536317 but you can't really visit that.  The viewpoint is at the plaque location below.

Plaque information:

Private plaque


Plaque text:

Tehachapi Loop

From this spot may be seen a portion of the world-renowned Loop completed in 1876 under the direction of William Hood, Southern Pacific railroad engineer. In gaining elevation around the central hill of the Loop, a 4,000-foot train will cross 77 feet above its rear cars in the tunnel below.

Dedicated October 25, 1953. Marker placed by Kern County Historical Society, Bakersfield Parlor No.42 N.S.G.W., El Tejon Parlor N.D.G.W., Kern County Museum, Southern Pacific Railroad.

Registered 8/26/1953