#0581 Well "2-6"


#0581 Well "2-6"

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On Mocal Rd, near Fellows Park, Fellows


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Private plaque

Plaque text:

First Gusher. Midway Field - Well No. 2-6. The well which made the Midway Oil Field famous

Near an area of small 40 and 50 barrel wells, it blew in over the derrick top November 27th, 1909, with a production of 2,000 bbl. a day and started one of the greatest oil booms California ever experienced. For a long time it held the rank of the best producer in the whole west side, and before its glory began to wane other celebrities in the gusher line began to crowd the north Midway stage, Morning echo, Bakersfield, February 28th, 1911. Well 2-6 was located as a wildcat, on June 1, 1909 by Fred C. Ripley, then assistant manager of oil properties, Santa Fe Railway coast lines, later manager of its successor, the Chanslor-Canfield Midway Oil Company, with which he was associated 1904 to 1947.

Dedicated September 15, 1951. The Petroleum Production Pioneers.

Registered 5/1/1957