#0201 Pioneer House of the Mother Colony


#0201 Pioneer House of the Mother Colony

Site information:

414 N West St near Sycamore St, Anaheim


Plaque information:

State plaque and private plaque

State plaque text:

Mother Colony House

First house built in Anaheim, 1857, by George Hanson, founder "The Mother Colony", group selecting name given settlement. This German group left San Francisco to form grape growing colony. Southern California Vineyards became largest in California until destroyed, 1885, by grape disease. Colony started producing Valencia oranges. Here once resided Madame Helena Modjeska, and Henry Sienkiewicz, author of "Quo Vadis".

Marker placed by California Centennials Commission in cooperation with Grace Parlor No. 242, N.D.G.W., Mother Colony Parlor No. 281, N.S.G.W. Dedicated July 16, 1950

Private plaque text:

This house was built in 1857 by Mr. Geo. Hansen the promoter of that little colony of Germans who founded what is now the City of Anaheim, and originally stood on N. Los Angeles St. between Chartres & Cypress Sts.

The building was a gift from Mr. E.E. Beazley and the lot on which it now stands was donated by Marie Horstmann Dwyer in memory of her parents who were pioneers and purchased the land October 1st, 1860.

That the pioneers of Anaheim and what they did for us shall not be fogotten this house is prserved by the Mother Colony Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution.

Registered 6/20/1935