#0092 Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail, Cañada De Reymundo


#0092 Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail, Cañada De Reymundo

Site information:

Pulgas Water Temple, west side of Canada Rd, 1.6 mi north of Edgwood Rd, near Redwood City


Recent amendments to this landmark dispute the location given by the OHP (above).  The correct site is given as near the intersection of Woodside Rd and Cañada Rd, Woodside

Plaque information:

No plaque

OHP description:

On November 11, the Portolá Expedition of 1769 traveled two leagues, about 5.26 miles, to a point in the lower Cañada de Reymundo, and made their first camp on their return trip.

Registered 3/29/1933

The landmark was amended and renamed 8/14/2020