#0228 Carbondale


#0228 Carbondale

Site information: 

Calvary Chapel of the Canyon entrance, Silverado Canyon Rd, 1.1 mi W of Silverado post office, Silverado 

Location here is for the plaque.  Site is likely nearby, but nothing remains.


Plaque information:

Private Plaque

Plaque text:

In 1881, after the Southern Pacific took over the Santa Clara Coal Mine northeast of here, a bustling mining camp complete with hotel, saloons, shacks, store, and post office sprang up on these flats. Three years later the mine played out and Carbondale disappeared without a trace.

Orange County Board of Supervisors. Orange County Historical Commission. Placed 1976

OHP description:

This is the site of the 1878 coal discovery. The mine, called the Santa Clara, was operated by the Southern Pacific. The village of Carbondale was built on the flat. When the mine was closed down, Carbondale's buildings were moved away and today not one remains.

Registered 6/20/1935