#0093 Woodside Store


#0093 Woodside Store

Site information:

3300 Tripp Road, Woodside


Plaque information:

State plaque


Plaque text:

Woodside Store

Built in 1854 among sawmills and redwood groves by Dr. R. O. Tripp and M. A. Parkhurst, operated by Dr. Tripp in person (who also served as dentist, librarian, postmaster, and community leader) until his death in 1909. It was purchased by the County of San Mateo 1940, opened as a public museum on September 7, 1947.

Tablet placed by California Centennials Commission. Base furnished by County Board of Supervisors in cooperation with San Mateo County Historical Association. Dedicated October 16, 1949.

Registered 3/29/1933