#0123 Columbia


#0123 Columbia

Site information:

Columbia State Historic Park, NW corner of Washington and Broadway Sts, Columbia

The site encompasses a few blocks, one plaque is near the park office and not far from the main parking lot.


Plaque information:

One state plaque location is given above. 

A second state plaque is located to the southwest on Hwy 49: 38.013443,-120.398097

A third state plaque is located to the southeast on Hwy 49: 38.010263,-120.390836

Site plaque text:


Columbia, the 'Gem of the Southern Mines,' became a town of 4,000 to 5,000 in the 1850s, following the discovery of gold here by the Hildreth party March 27, 1850. Gold shipments, estimated at $87,000,000, declined rapidly after 1858, but Columbia never became a ghost town.

Columbia State Historic Park was created in 1945 to preserve its historic buildings and sites.

Plaque placed by California State Park Commission in cooperation with Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce.  May 10, 1958.

Remote plaque text:


One of best preserved of early mining towns, and known as "Gem of Southern Mines".  Gold discovered through Cloudburst, 1850: population grew to 6000 in six weeks.

Governor Earl Warren signed bill at Columbia July 15, 1945, creating Columbia State Park.

Department of Public Works - Division of Highways

Registered 7/6/1933