#0406 Big Oak Flat


#0406 Big Oak Flat

Site information:

On State Hwy 120 (P.M. 30.2), Big Oak Flat

While there is a town of Big Oak Flat, nothing remains of the original site that I know of.


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Private plaque

Plaque text:

Big Oak Flat

First called Savage Diggins after the man who discovered gold here in 1848, the town was renamed Big Oak Flat about 1850 after the giant oak tree that stood in the center of town, near this spot. The oak, which was about 13 feet in diameter, was undermined in 1869 and burned in 1890, only pieces remained in 1949. Rich placer and lode mines are reported to have yielded $28,000,000 during the town's heyday. Stone buildings erected in 1852 were still standing in 1949.

Tablet placed by California Centennials Commission. Arch provided by Boys Service Club Sonora Union High School. Dedicated April 3, 1949

Registered 4/14/1948