#0894 S.S. Catalina


#0894 S.S. Catalina

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For a time the the S.S. Catalina was in berth 96 of the Port of Los Angeles.  The area is known as the Catalina Terminal.

The ship itself ended up in Ensenada Harbor, but in 2009 was dismantled and no longer exists.

The photos I took are at the Catalina Terminal in LA, near or at Berth 96, though that isn't what is commemorated with this landmark.


Plaque information

No plaque. Though there is a plaque for the Catalina Terminal, it doesn't mention the SS Catalina.

OHP description:

Commonly referred to as the Great White Steamer, the ship was specially built by William Wrigley to serve his Catalina Island as a passenger ferry. She was christened on May 23, 1924. During World War II, she was requisitioned for use as a troop carrier, but in 1946 she resumed her voyages to Avalon.

Registered 4/2/1976