#0912 Glendora Bougainvillea


#0912 Glendora Bougainvillea

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E Bennet Ave between Minnesota and Cullen, Glendora


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State plaque

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Glendora Bougainvillea

Planted in 1901 by the R.W. Hamlins, early citrus growers, the Glendora bougainvillea is the largest growth of this exotic plant in the United States. The parent stock was brought to California by a whaling ship about 1870, and the vines survive as one of the best examples remaining of the early 20th-century promotional image of California as paradise.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the L.J. Pittman family, January 7, 1978.

Registered 10/14/1977