#0947 "Reform School for Juvenile Offenders" (Fred C. Nelles School)


#0947 "Reform School for Juvenile Offenders" (Fred C. Nelles School)

Site information:

West of Whittier Blvd, enter at Walnut Grove Dr.

This site in recent years was mostly torn down for redevelopment.  Some of the historic buildings were kept and restored.  As of January 2021, one building was completely restored into a poolhouse/common area located a:

33.975217, -118.050485

Some other historic buildings were still in construction zones, but look like they will be preserved.

33.977393, -118.049684

Plaque information:

State plaque used to be along Whittier Blvd but was went missing at some point. A private marker designating Whittier School, and a historical sign are located in front of the Commons building on Autumn Ave.

State plaque text:

Reform School for Juvenile Offenders

The March 11, 1889 Act of the California Legislature authorized the establishment of a school for juvenile offenders. Dedication and laying of cornerstone was done by Governor R.W. Waterman on February 12, 1890. Officially opened as "Whittier State School" for boys and girls on July 1, 1891. Girls were transferred in 1916 and only boys have been in residence since that time. Renamed "Fred C. Nelles School for Boys" in 1941 ("For Boys" was dropped around 1970). This school was been in continuous operation serving the needs of juvenile offenders since 1891.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Department of the Youth Authority, May 24, 1984.

Stone marker text:

Whittier State School

Hon Andrew Mullen, President
W.C. Cochran M.D.
F.L. Haynes M.D.
Walter Lindley M.D. Supt.

February 1894

Registered 3/1/1982