#0963 The Mojave Road


#0963 The Mojave Road

Site information:

Site of road runs from Drum Barracks in Wilmington to where State Route 66 crosses Los Angeles County line into San Bernardino County

The terminus at Drum Barracks is at:

Plaque information:

No plaque at the western terminus, but the eastern end has a plaque in San Bernardino County.

OHP description:

Long ago, Mohave Indians used a network of pathways to cross the Mojave Desert. In 1826, American trapper Jedediah Smith used their paths and became the first non-Indian to reach the California coast overland from mid-America. The paths were worked into a military wagon road in 1859. This "Mojave Road" remained a major link between Los Angeles and points east until a railway crossed the desert in 1885.

Registered 3/19/1985