#0629 Omega Hydraulic Diggings and Townsite


#0629 Omega Hydraulic Diggings and Townsite

Site information:

The site is somewhere in this vicinity:

The site can be seen from a distance at the overlook by the plaque. One could probably get to the site on forest roads, but nothing historical remains that I know of, except for a bare patch where the hydraulic mining stripped the soil from the area.

Plaque information:

At Omega Rest Area, Hwy 20 (P.M. 35.7) The state plaue is shared with #628.


Plaque text:

Alpha and Omega

One mile north of here were the towns of Alpha and Omega, named by gold miners in the early 1850s. The tremendous hydraulic diggings, visible from near this point, engulfed most of the original townsites. Alpha was the birthplace of famed opera singer Emma Nevada. Mining at Omega continued until 1949, and lumbering operations are carried on there today.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the Nevada County Historical Society, September 7, 1958.

Registered 1/29/1958