#0530 Gold Discovery Site


#0530 Gold Discovery Site

Site information:

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, follow trail from Gold Discovery parking lot to American River, State Hwy 49 (P.M. 23.3), Coloma

There is a replica mill, a stone monument at the original mill site, and a trail leading to the actual place the gold was discovered along the river.


Plaque information:

Multiple private plaques about all aspects of the beginning of the gold rush

Plaque text:

Sutter's Mill Site

This rock monument marks site of John A. Sutter's saw mill in the tailrace of which James W. Marshall discovered gold, January 24, 1848, starting the great rush of argonauts to California. The Society of California Pioneers definitely located and marked site in 1924. Additional timbers and relics, including original tailrace unearthed in 1947, were discovered after property became state park. Marshall Monument overlooking this spot was erected following movement inaugurated in 1886 by Native Sons of the Golden West.

Tablet placed by Historic Landmarks Committees Native Sons and Native Daughters of the Golden West January 24, 1948 on centennial of gold discovery.

Sign text:

Here on a chilly morning in January 1848, carpenter James Marshall picked up the small pieces of gold that touched off one of the largest, most frenzied mass migrations in history.  Within a year of Marshall's discovery, six thousand gold seekers swarmed over the western slope of the Sierra Nevada.  Thousands more who followed completely changed what had been a quiet, remote Mexican province. 

Registered 3/7/1955