#0569 Mormon Island


#0569 Mormon Island

Site information:

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, Folsom Point picnic area

Origianal town burned and now is under the lake. Relocated cemetery located on Shadowfax Lane off of Green Valley Road.


Plaque information:

Private plaque.  Plaque access restricted to Recreation Area hours. Fee required, but may be waived for limited access.

Plaque text:

Mormon Island

Early in March 1848, W. Sidney, S. Willis, and Wilford Hudson, members of the Mormon Battalion, set out from Sutter's Fort to hunt deer. Stopping on the south fork of the American River, they found gold. They told their story on returning to the fort, and soon about 150 Mormons and other miners flocked to the site, which was named Mormon Island. This was the first major gold strike in California after James W. Marshall's discovery at Coloma. The population of the town in 1853 was more than 2,500. It had four hotels, three dry-goods stores, five general merchandise stores, an express office, and many small shops. The first ball in Sacramento County was held here on December 25, 1849. A fire destroyed the town in 1856, and it was never rebuilt. Its site was inundated by Folsom Lake in 1955.

Plaque placed by Sacramento County Daughters of Utah Pioneers, in cooperation with California State Park Commission, September 14, 1957

Second plaque text:

Mormon Island

This marker is in honored remembrance of the Mormon Battalion's sacrifice for our national defense. Due to National Security of the US waterways, the Mormon Island marker has been relocated to Folsom Point, Folsom Lake, California, by International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Northern California DUP, 2008

Registered 4/1/1957