#0572 Condemned Bar


#0572 Condemned Bar

Site information:

On Shadowfax Ln, S of Green Valley Rd, Folsom

38.698589, -121.109486

This is the site of Mormon Island Cemetery, where they relocated the cemetery of the town commemorated by the landmark.  The townsite itself is under Folsom Lake.

Plaque information:

There was once some sort of plaque, mounted on a stone which still exists on the N side of Green Valley Rd at Shadowfax Ln.  There is some information at the cemetery site.


OHP description:

These historic mining towns, and other mining camps of the gold rush era now inundated by Folsom Lake, are commemorated by the nearby Mormon Island Memorial Cemetery. Here were reburied the pioneers whose graves were flooded when the lake was formed by Folsom Dam.

Registered 4/1/1957