#0777 Site of San Joaquin City


#0777 Site of San Joaquin City

Site information:

1.4 mi N of county line on County Hwy J3, SE of Tracy

Nothing remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

State plaque was replaced in 2020.

Plaque text:

Site of San Joaquin City

This river town was established in 1849. Pioneers and freight wagons following post roads to the southern mines crossed the river nearby at Durham's Ferry, and as a terminal for riverboats, the town played an important part in development of west side grain farming and cattle raising.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the San Joaquin County Historical Society, November 3, 1962. Rededicated by the California Landmark Foundation and the Bill Beaver Project, February 29, 2020.

Registered 9/25/1962