#0931 Lodi Arch


#0931 Lodi Arch

Site information:

Over Pine St, at Sacramento St, Lodi


Plaque information:

State and private plaque

State plaque text:

Lodi Arch

Designed by architect E. B. Brown and built in 1907 for the Lodi Tokay Carnival, the arch served as an entrance into Lodi and a symbol of agricultural and commercial growth. Essentially unaltered since construction, the structure is one of few remaining Mission Revival ceremonial arches left within California.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation, City of Lodi. September 10, 1981

Private plaque text:

Lodi Mission Arch

Built 1907 during the first Tokay Carnival by the public spirited people of Lodi. Rebuilt 1956 during the term of Mayor Willard J Robinson through the efforts of Tokay Arch Committee headed by Albert Nies, chairman. and Eunice Looser, secretary treasurer and dedicated as a permanent monument to pioneers.

Registered 5/13/1980