#1039 Sikh Temple


#1039 Sikh Temple

Site information:

1930 S. Grant Street, Stockton


Plaque information:

No plaque

OHP description:

The Sikhs - from the Punjab region of India - an important immigrant group in California since about 1900. Most were drawn to agriculture in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, since those flat expanses were similar to the Punjab. The 1915 temple was one of the first religious centers for Indians in the United States. A replacement temple was constructed in 1930 and the 1915 building is used as the temple library. The temple helped maintain Punjabi traditions and to establish better understanding of the Sikh people by the community at large. Many events at the temple, and the temple's charity kitchen, were open to all, regardless of religion or nationality. Stockton's Sikh Temple is still an important institution for many Sikhs that remain in the region.