#0534 Vaca-Pena Adobe


#0534 Vaca-Pena Adobe

Site information:

Take Pena Adobe Rd NE 0.5 mi from the 80 to Pena Adobe Park, Vacaville

Park is gated and access is restricted to operating hours.


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:

Rancho Los Putos

This is the site of Rancho Los Putos of 10 square leagues granted in 1845 by Governor Pio Pico granted to Juan Felipe Peña and Manuel Cabeza Vaca. The Peña Adobe, erected here in 1842, is still owned by the descendants of the Pena-Vaca families. The town of Vacaville nearby, was established in 1851 on land sold by Vaca to William McDaniel.

Plaque erected September 18, 1955, by Vacaville Parlor No. 293, Native Daughters of the Golden West, in Cooperation with the California State Park Commission.

Registered 5/31/1955