#0017 Blue Wing Inn


#0017 Blue Wing Inn

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133 E Spain St, Sonoma


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Private plaque

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Blue Wing Inn

Erected by General Mariano G. Vallejo about 1840 to accommodate emigrants and other travelers. Purchased in gold rush days by Cooper and Spriggs, two retired sea-faring men, and operated as hotel and store. Among first hostelries in Northern California. Notable guests, according to local tradition, included John C. Frémont, U. S. Grant, Governor Pío Pico, Kit Carson, "Fighting Joe" Hooker, William T. Sherman, Phil Sheridan, and members of the Bear Flag Party. Classed among the notorious visitors were bandit Murietta and "Three-Fingered Jack."

Placed by Historic Landmark Committee, Native Sons of the Golden West, October 1941.

Registered 6/1/1932