#0944 Site of Fort Romualdo Pacheco


#0944 Site of Fort Romualdo Pacheco

Site information:

W bank of New River, S of Worthington Rd, 6-1/2 mi due W of City of Imperial

Nothing remains of this site except some fenced off foundation areas.


Plaque information:

State plaque has gone missing

OHP description:

In 1774, Spain opened an overland route from Sonora to California but it was closed by Yuma Indians in 1781. In 1822, Mexico attempted to reopen this route. Lt. Romualdo Pacheco and soldiers built an adobe fort at this site in 1825-26, the only Mexican fort in Alta California. On April 26, 1826, Kumeyaay Indians attacked the fort, killing three soldiers and wounding three others. Pacheco abandoned the fort, removing soldiers to San Diego.

Registered 9/15/1981