#0197 Buck's Lake


#0197 Buck's Lake

Site information:

Past Buck's Lake Lodge Marina, on rocks at edge of lake in campground, end of Buck's Lake Rd

Nothing remains of the ranch and townsite, as it is under the current lake.


Plaque information:

Private plaque. I can only assume this plaque location made sense at some point in time.

Plaque text:

Bucks Ranch Hotel and Store

Original location one hundred yards north east

Haven of pioneers, Pack train diversion point for miners to Feather River points. Stage station. Express and post office. 1850 – 1852 Emigrant Trail. Destroyed by fire Jan. 13, 1928

Dedicated to the memory of pioneers by Plumas Pioneer Parlor No. 219, N.D.G.W. Quincy Parlor No. 131, N.S.G.W. Aug 9, 1931

OHP description:

This was the site of a ranch established by Horace Bucklin and Francis Walker in 1850. Later came a large hotel, post office, and express office. The site is now inundated by Buck's Dam and Reservoir.

Registered 6/20/1935