#0231 Elizabethtown


#0231 Elizabethtown

Site information:

At the end of Purdy Lane off of Hwy 70, north of Quincy. At the cul-de-sac, follow the trail between the houses for a few hundred feet to a clearing, and the plaque is on the hill.


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:


Dedicated to Pioneers of Plumas County, to the founders of Elizabethtown and Elizabeth Stark Blakesley, for whom this town was named. Sept. 1852.

Erected by Plumas Pioneer Parlor No. 219 N.D.G.W., Quincy Parlor No. 131 N.S.G.W. Sept. 9, 1927

OHP description:

Tate's Ravine was named in the spring of 1852, when Alex and Frank Tate discovered gold there. Lewis Stark and his family came across the plains to settle here in September 1852. A very rich mine was opened up and the place grew in population. Soon the miners wanted a new name for the settlement, so they called it Elizabethtown in honor of Stark's daughter, the village's only unmarried woman.

Registered 6/20/1935