#0481 Spanish Ranch and Meadow Valley


#0481 Spanish Ranch and Meadow Valley

Site information:

Two locations are commemorated with this landmark:

Spanish Ranch is located S side of Spanish Ranch Rd, about .2 mi from Oroville-Quincy Hwy
39.948823, -121.050766

Meadow Valley is located on Bucks Lake Road, near Meadow Way
39.930387, -121.061103

Plaque information:

Private plaque for Meadow Valley and sign for Spanish Ranch.

Plaque text:

Meadow Valley Historical Site

Here early residents of what was then an isolated valley created their own cultural center. On land deeded by Richard Jacks, through subscription and donated labor, they constructed the first public school of the area. Across the way shortly thereafter, again by community efforts, they built “the Philomathean Hall” to house a library and to be the scene of debates, theatricals, concerts and other forms of creative expression. Theirs was indeed a splendid isolation.

Dedicated by Las Plumas del Oro Chapter, E Clampus Vitus.  September 18, 1971

Sign text:

Spanish Ranch

Named for two Mexicans who began a horse ranch here in 1850.

OHP description:

Miners going to the East Branch, Middle Fork, or North Fork of the Feather River separated at Spanish Rancho, established in July 1850 by two Spaniards, and at Meadow Valley, 2.5 miles from Spanish Ranch.

Registered 11/9/1950