#0207 First Sawmill in Marin County


#0207 First Sawmill in Marin County

Site information:

Old Mill Park, Throckmorton and Cascade Dr, Mill Valley


Plaque information:

Private plaque located at site

State plaque located at NW corner of Blithedale Ave and Tower Dr

State plaque text:

John Reed's Saw Mill

Two miles west is the old saw mill from which the city of Mill Valley acquired its name. it was constructed in the 1830's by John Reed, grantee of the Ranch Corte do Madera Del Presidio. The creek waters furnished the motive power for the mill, which was the first in the San Francisco Bay Region to supply lumber.

Marker placed by California Centennials Commission in cooperation with Marin County Historical Society. Dedicated October 17, 1950

Private plaque text:

Historic Saw Mill

Built in the 1830's by John Reed, grantee of the Rancho Corte de Medera del Presidio.

Preserved by Marin Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West. April 5, 1959

OHP description:

This mill was erected by John Reed about 1833-34 on Rancho Corte Madera del Presidio- 'the wood cutting place for the Presidio'-present-day Mill Valley. Reed built the first house in Sausalito and the first ferryboat to ply San Francisco Bay.

Registered 6/20/1935