#0974 Golden Gate Bridge


#0974 Golden Gate Bridge

Site information:

N end of bridge in Marin County, S end in San Francisco County.  Plaque located at observation area, N end of bridge


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

The Glorious Golden Gate

Born and raised in San Francisco, the pride of "the Bear Flag State," my heart knows it's coming home, when I cross the Golden Gate.

Greeting Marin County, she spans the ocean's roar, connecting to the headlands, rolling hills and rocky shore.

Born of a dream, "It can't be done" they cried, but gallantly she stands, a monument to man, his aspirations and his pride.

Lofty spires reaching for the sky, royal arches beckon you; she's the nugget of the west coast, queen of the Pacific blue.

Circling her towers are crowns of silver mist, peeking through the fog banks, mister sun blows her a kiss.

Smiling a sunny welcome to strangers out at sea; feeling her outstretched arms is coming home to me!

We love you, Marin County, out emerald by the bay. And to the glorious golden gate, happy 50th birthday.

Written by Judy Borello.

OHP description:

Construction of the bridge started in 1933. Engineer Joseph Strauss and architect Irving Morrow created an extraordinarily beautiful bridge in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. The designs for the Golden Gate Bridge showed the greatest attention to artistic detail, especially on the two streamlined moderne towers. The bridge's 4,200 feet of clear span (from tower to tower) was the longest in the world until 1959. On April 19, 1937, the bridge was completed and the official dedication took place on May 27.

Registered 6/18/1987