#0318 Ebbett's Pass Route


#0318 Ebbett's Pass Route

Site information:

Ebbetts Pass on Hwy 4 (P.M. 18.5)


Plaque information:

Private sign

Sign text:

Historical Landmark - Ebbett's Pass

Named after Major John Ebbett and pointed out in 1853 to surveyor G.H. Goodard who referred to it as a "route of great promise - probably the best one for a transcontinental railway."

No emigrant train used this route but a stage road was completed here in 1864 to serve mining region of Silver City.

Stanislaus National Forest

OHP description:

The Emigrant Trail through Ebbetts Pass, discovered by and named after 'Major' John Ebbetts, was opened up in the early 1850s, but no wagon road went that way until 1864, when a toll road, under the name of Carson Valley and Big Tree Road, was completed to help open up the Comstock Lode in Nevada.

Registered 7/12/1939