#0434 Site of "City Gardens" - Nursery of Louis Pellier


#0434 Site of "City Gardens" - Nursery of Louis Pellier

Site information:

100 block of W St James St, San Jose

Nothing remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

A state plaque exists. Because of the extensive construction and renovation of the area, and the removal of the former park, the last I heard the plaques are in storage.  The sign in the photo has also been removed.

OHP description:

Pellier, native of Saint-Hippolyte, France and founder of California's prune industry, came to California in 1849. In October 1850 he established a nursery called City Gardens. Here, aided by his brothers Pierre and Jean, who came over from France at a later date, he introduced the French prune-la petite prune d'Agen-into California during the winter of 1856-57.

Registered 3/16/1949