#0252 San Andreas


#0252 San Andreas

Site information:

NW corner of State Hwy 49 and Main St, San Andreas


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

San Andreas
Heart of the Southern Mines

Settled by Mexicans in 1848. Named after Catholic parish of St. Andrew. First newspaper was published here Sept 24, 1856. Destroyed by fire June 4, 1858, and in 1863. County seat of Calaveras County since 1866. Rendezvous of Joaquin Murieta. Black Bart, notorious stage robber, tried here and sent to prison from here. Noted mining camp since early days. Gold from the surrounding ancient river channels and placer mines contributed greatly to the success of the Union during the Civil War.

Erected by Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce. October 26, 1930.

Registered 9/3/1937