#0313 Hooker Oak


#0313 Hooker Oak

Site information:

Hooker Oak Park, Manzanita Ave between Vallombrosa and Hooker Oak Ave, Chico

Nothing remains of this site. 

39.759683, -121.798033

Plaque information:

Private plaques

Plaque text:

Hooker Oak

The massive and majestic Hooker Oak, which occupied this site, was named in honor of renowned British Botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. The Hooker Oak was acclaimed to be the largest Valley Oak in the world before it fell on May 1, 1977.

Age 326 Years
Height 105 Feet
Perimeter 481 Feet
Longest Limb 112 Feet
Trunk Circumference 28 Feet
Area Under The Tree 18,000 Sq. Feet

Preservation of the Hooker Oak Tree Stump, the Children’s Play Area and the Bidwell Park Guide Map are in memory of

Elmer Brouillard
1953 ̶ Chico Fire Chief ̶ 1977
1986-1987 Chico Rotary Club Project

Second plaque text:

Hooker Oak

Named in 1887 by Annie E. K. Bidwell in honor of Sir Joseph Hooker

Presented by the Chico Horticultural Society

OHP description:

In 1887 Annie E. K. Bidwell named this huge oak after English botanist Sir Joseph Hooker. When it fell during a windstorm in 1977, it was estimated to be over a thousand years old - it was nearly a hundred feet tall and 29 feet in circumference eight feet from the ground. The largest branch measured 111 feet from trunk to tip - circumference of outside branches was nearly five hundred feet.

Registered 7/12/1939