#0320 Timbuctoo


#0320 Timbuctoo

Site information:

Timbuctoo Rd, 1.0 mi W of Smartville

There isn't a whole lot left of Timbuctoo any longer, and it's hard to tell what is historical.  The Stewart Store, mentioned as restored on the plaque, is the structure disintegrating into the earth in the photo.

39.217024, -121.3180407

Plaque information:

State plaque located on Timbuctoo Pl, just east of Hwy 20.

39.219485, -121.333393

An older state plaque was removed due to widening of the Hwy.  The new plaque was placed in 2022.

New plaque text:


In 1855, Timbuctoo was the largest town in Eastern Yuba County.  At the height of its prosperity it contained a church, theater, stores, hotels, saloons, a Wells Fargo office, and the Stewart Bros. Store, which was restored in 1928 and dedicated to Timbuctoo's pioneering men and women.

Plaque placed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation and the state Department of Transportation.

Former plaque text:


1855. Largest town in eastern Yuba County, and at height of its prosperity contained a church, theater, stores, hotels, and saloons. Old Wells Fargo Office and Stewart Bros.; Store restored, 1928, and dedicated to pioneer men and women of Timbuctoo.

Department of Public Works – Division of Highways
Registered 7/12/1939