#0321 Smartsville


#0321 Smartsville

Site information:

8456 Smartville Rd, Smartville

39.207250, -121.297722

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Private plaque

Plaque text:

Smartville / Smartsville
Which is it? S or no S

Named for James Smart, who built the first hotel in 1856. Smartville was referred in the US Federal land grant of 1878, as Smartsville. Due to ruling by the US Post Office Department, in 1909. The name was changed back the Smartville. It stayed that way for 99 years. Petitions to the Board of Geographic Names, lead to the ruling in favor of the S. And in August 2008 the name was changed back to Smartsville.

Dedicated November 6, 2016 by E Clampus Vitus Indorporated

Chapter 10 Nevada City, Ca
Chapter 7-11 Paradise, Ca
Chapter 5978 LaPort, Ca

OHP description:

The first building at Smartsville (the post office is called Smartville) was built in the spring of 1856 by a Mr. Smart. The Church of the Immaculate Conception (organized in 1852 in Rose's Bar) was built in 1861, and in 1863 the Union Church was erected. One of the prominent features of the landscape of the town today is its churches.

Registered 7/12/1939