#0670 Mariposa County Courthouse


#0670 Mariposa County Courthouse

Site information:

10th and Bullion Sts, Mariposa


Plaque information:

State plaque and private plaque and sign

State plaque text:

Mariposa County Courthouse

This mortise and tenon Greek Revival courthouse, erected in 1854, is California's oldest court of law and has served continuously as the seat of county government since 1854. During the 19th century, landmark mining cases setting legal precedent were tried here, and much United States mining law is based on decisions emanating from this historic courthouse.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Mariposa County Bicentennial, July 3, 1976.

Sign text:

Mariposa County Courthouse

California’s oldest seat of justice still in use. The front half, the original building, completed in 1854, cost $9.200. The lumber was sash-sawed from nearby forests; framework fastened with mortised joints and wooden pegs. Finished lumber was hand-planed and nailed with square-cut nails. A fire-proof brick vault to protect records, added in 1861, was later enlarged. The English-make clock with its 267 lb. bell in the cupola, was installed in 1866 and has been faithfully tolling each hour since.

The courtroom, scene of many famous legal battles, civil and criminal, remains the same as in pioneer days, with original seats, tables and judge’s bench.

Private plaque text:

Mariposa County Court House

Erected 1854.  In continuous use since erection.

This marker placed by Yosemite Parlor No. 24 N.S.G.W., Merced, April 21, 1929.  Dedicated to the memory of Mariposa pioneers.

Registered 12/1/1958