#0542 Estrella Adobe Church


#0542 Estrella Adobe Church

Site information:

On Airport Rd, 2.5 mi N of State Hwy 46, Paso Robles


Plaque information:

State and private plaques

State plaque text:

Estrella Adobe Church

The first Protestant church in northern San Luis Obispo county was built in 1879 by early settlers. This nondenominational church on the Estrella Plains prospered with the pioneer community, but by 1912 fell into disuse as the various denominations developed separate facilities. In 1952, this structure, then in ruins was restored by the Paso Robles Women's Club History and Landmarks Committee.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in Cooperation with Friends Of The Adobes, June 14, 1981.

Private plaque text:

Estrella Adobe Church

Built 1878 by Christian pioneers. Restoration by History & Landmarks Section Paso Robles Womans' Club. Rededicated May 25, 1952. Organization & individual donations.  Cooperation of Paso Robles School For Boys made restoration possible

Registered 9/14/1955