#0720 Dallidet Adobe


#0720 Dallidet Adobe

Site information:

1309 Toro at Pacific, San Luis Obispo

Site is privately owned and access is limited to hours of operation.


Plaque information:

State plaque

Plaque text:

Dallidet Adobe

This was the home of Pierre Hyppolite Dallidet, a native of France, who settled in San Luis Obispo in 1853 and became a vineyardist. His son, Paul Dallidet, gave it to the San Luis Obispo County Historical Society in 1953, in memory of the Dallidet family that had occupied it for a century.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the  San Luis Obispo County Historical Society and San Luisita Parlor No. 108 and San Miguel Parlor no. 94, Native Daughters of the Golden West, September 9, 1960.

Registered 1/11/1960