#1033 Rancho Nipomo (Captain William G. Dana Rancho)


#1033 Rancho Nipomo (Captain William G. Dana Rancho)

Site information:

6715 Oakglen Avenue, Nipomo, CA

The adobe is closed to the public except for certain times when tours are available.


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State plaque

Plaque text:

Rancho Nipomo
(Captain William G. Dana Rancho)

Rancho Nipomo, almost 38,000 acres in size, was granted to Boston sea captain William Goodwin Dana, in 1837. The rancho for many years was the first stopping place on El Camino Real south of Mission San Luis Obispo. From 1839 until Dana's death in 1858, the Rancho was known throughout the state as a hospitable stopping place for travelers, including Captain John C. Fremont, Edwin Bryant, and General Henry W. Halleck. In 1847 the "Dana Ranch" became one of four designated exchange points on California's first U.S. mail route.

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos, June 9, 2001.

Registered 8/11/2000