#0488 Fresno City


#0488 Fresno City

Site information:

On Fresno Slough, 0.8 mi N of James Rd, from Tranquillity, then 1.3 mi NW on levee rd (dirt), Tranquillity

With no plaque at the site and no physical evidence of the city, I'm not sure if the photos are of the exact place. But it is 1.3 miles down the dirt road, so it's close.  Nothing historic remains of this site, as far as I know.


Plaque information:

The plaque was missing for many years.  A new state plaque was added in the Summer of 2021, at this location:

36.734359, -120.211441

Plaque text:

Five miles southwesterly from this point, on both sides of Fresno Slough, is the site of Fresno City.  Fresno City gradually arose at the head of navigation of Fresno Slough and existed from approximately 1855 to 1875. The town served as a station for the Butterfield Overland Mail Stages that carried the first overland mail on a regular schedule between St. Louis and San Francisco.  today there are no traces of Fresno City.  In 1872, the current city of Fresno, later the county seat, was established about thirty miles to the southwest, on the newly built Central Pacific Railroad. 

Plaque placed by California State Parks in cooperation with the Fresno County Historical Society, May 4, 1952.  Rededicated by the Bill Beaver Project and the California Landmark Foundation, June 19, 2021.

Registered 8/7/1951