#0014 Cressler and Bonner Trading Post, 1865


#0014 Cressler and Bonner Trading Post, 1865

Site information:

Cedarville Park, Center St between Bonner and Townsend Sts, Cedarville


Plaque information:

Private plaque

Plaque text:

Cressler-Bonner Trading Post

The first building erected in Deep Creek settlement, now Cedarville, was built in 1865 as a trading post by James Townsend, who was killed in an indian fight it 1866.

Purchased by William T. Cressler and John H. Bonner in 1867, the building was used as a trading post and general store until larger quarters were built in 1874.

The mercantile, banking and ranching firm of Cressler and Bonner played a major roll in the settlement and development of Surprise Valley and Modoc County.

The land for Cedarville Park was donated to Modoc County by descendants of Mr. Gressler in 1957 and the building was reconstructed in 1977 with funds provided by The State Recreational Bond Act of 1974.

OHP description:

Cressler and Bonner started the first mercantile establishment in Modoc County here, in the first building erected in the town of Cedarville. They carried on a thriving business with emigrants en route to California and Oregon, and later with Surprise Valley settlers.

Registered 6/1/1932