#0418 Empire City


#0418 Empire City

Site information:

While there is a community of Empire today, nothing historical remains of the original Empire City, that I know of.  The original site was on the Tuolumne River, in the vicinity due S of Empire today.


Plaque information:

Two private plaques. 

One on Santa Fe Ave, 0.2 mi S of Hwy 132


Second plaque at Empire Park, near parking area.

37.639211, -120.897703

Santa Fe plaque text:

Empire City

1 mile south of this spot is the site of Empire City. Founded 1850 by John G. Marvin . Head of navigation on the Tuolumne River, military supply depot and 2nd county seat of Stanislaus County. Destroyed by flood in 1861 – 62.

Dedicated Oct. 28, 1961 Estanislao Chapter No. 58 E. Clampus Vitus

Park plaque text:

Empire City

Two miles south of this spot was the site of “Empire City,” located on the south bank of the river. Founded in 1850 by John C. Marvin. The town was head of navigation on the Tuolumne River. It was a military supply depot for Forts Miller and Tahone. Elected the second Stanislaus County Seat on October 21, 1854. Three stores, one three story hotel, two boarding houses, a blacksmith shop, church and a school house were present. Vessels called “Petite Steamers” like the Tulare, Enterprise, Empire City, and the Hartlett brought passengers and supplies. This was a major shipping point for the extensive grain crops of the area. The town was destroyed by flood in 1861-62.

I.N. “Jack” Brotherton – Nobel Grand Humbug Estanislao Chapter 58 E. Clampus Vitus Originally Dedicated, October 28, 1961

Registered 2/28/1949