#0685 San Brannan Cottage


#0685 San Brannan Cottage

Site information:

1311 Washington St, Calistoga


Plaque information:

Private Plaque

Plaque text:

Sam Brannan Cottage

Built circa 1862, this cottage was part of the original Brannan's hot springs resort grounds, moved to this location and first restored in 1978.

Dedicated to the memory of Sam Brannan founder of Calistoga, pioneer, promoter, preacher, politician, philanthropist, railroad and land developer, newspaperman, and California's first millionaire.

This plaque is proudly placed by the Sharpsteen Museum of Calistoga History and its members.

OHP description:

Sam Brannan arrived in Napa Valley in the late 1850s with the dream of making it the 'Saratoga of California.' In 1866 cottages were built and palm trees planted in preparation for the grand opening of the resort. This is the only cottage still standing.

Registered 7/31/1959