#225:  Flores Peak

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Flores Peak, Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, N side of Modjeska Canyon Rd, Modjeska Canyon

33.713140, -117.621502




No Plaque, but there is an informational sign about the peak and its history.



From the Guidebook:

In 1857, Juan Flores and a band of outlaws murdered Sheriff James Barton and part of his posse at Barton Mound. Pursued by a posse led by General Andrés Pico, Flores and his men were finally caught on Flores Peak.

From the Sign:

The Legend of Flores Peak
A Notorious Outlaw's Bold Escape

The peak before you is named for the outlaw Juan Flores. Flores led a gang of bandits that terrorized this area in the late 1850's. In January 1857, the gang murdered a shopkeeper in San Juan Capistrano. While in pursuit of the gang, LA County Sheriff James Barton and several of his deputies were ambushed and killed. A posse quickly formed and soon 100 riders chased the bandits to the top of this peak. Flores alone managed to escape, making a daring leap from the cliff on horseback. He was eventually captured and brought to Los Angeles, where he was hung on February 14, 1857.

James Barton was the first LA County Sheriff killed in the line of duty.

Flores Peak was designated as California Historical Landmark #225 on 6/20/1935

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