#227:  Diego Sepulveda Adobe

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Estancia Park, NW corner of Mesa Verde Dr W and Adams Ave, Costa Mesa





State Plaque



From the Guidebook:

This adobe house was built as a station of Mission San Juan Capistrano. After secularization the property became part of Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, and the adobe was used as headquarters of Diego Sepúlveda, later owner of the rancho.

From the plaque:

This home of early Spanish Californians, erected in the 1820's, once served as an "estancia" or station for mission herdsmen. It was dedicated in 1963 for public use by the Segerstrom Family and restored by the City of Costa Mesa. It is jointly maintained and operated by the Costa Mesa Parks Department and the Costa Mesa Historical Society.

Plaque placed by the City of Costa Mesa on July 20, 1969, in observance of the 200th anniversary of permanent settlement in California.

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