#780-9:  First Transcontinental Railroad - Cape Horn Promontory

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1001 CA 174, Colfax

Plaque: 39.110175,-120.949864

Site: 39.112336,-120.932846




Private Plaque


I believe the idea of this bench is that you could sit and look out at the Cape Horm Promontory and the railroad the plaque describes. However, over time tree growth has obscured the view. In photo 3, through the small window in the branches, you can see the promontory. Barely.

From the Plaque:

Dedicated to the memory of thousands of Chinese who worked for Charles Crocker on the Central Pacific Railroad. They were lowered over the face of Cape Horn Promontory in wicker bosun's chairs to a point 1332 feet above the canyon floor. The ledge created for this railbed was completed May 1866. They are honored for their work ethic, and timely completion of the transcontinental rails ending in Promonotory, Utah, May 1869.

Dedicated May 8, 1999. Colfax Area Historical Society, Inc.

David Schmitt