#761:  Mission Inn

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On Mission Inn Ave, between Main and Orange, Riverside





State Plaque



From the Guidebook:

Frank A. Miller (1857-1935) made the adobe bricks for a small 12-room guest house that he opened in 1876. Over the years he added to the building to create this remarkable Mission Revival style building.

From the state plaque:

Frank A. Miller (1857-1935) made adobe bricks for a small 12 room guest house which he opened in 1876. Over the years by successive building additions he fulfilled his dream by recreating this early California mission style setting of a hotel.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with the Mission Inn Garden Hotel. October 21, 1961.

From a plaque:

The Mission Inn portrays the style and grace of a golden era, built by Frank Miller beginning in 1882, the Mission Inn's magnificent ambiance took a span of 66 years to be completed. Miller had the foresight to recognize that Riverside was becoming a major tourist attraction for wealthy easterners and Europeans seeking investment opportunities in the profitable citrus industry. More than anything, the Mission Inn is an artful and architectural tribute to the vision, eclecticism and eccentricity of Frank Miller; one that deserves to be experienced by all who happen upon it.

Re-dedicated in truth, liberty and toleration October 23, 1993. Re-dedicated by Grand Parlor, Native Sons of the Golden West, Philip D. Wong, Grand President.

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