Sacramento County has 58 landmarks, and I have visited 58.

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On the map, the markers are:

= I have visited the landmark

= I photographed the landmark

= I haven't been there yet



366 Pioneer Telegraph Station



633 Old Folsom Powerhouse
  439 Site of Grist Mill Built by Jared Dixon Sheldon  


633-2 Old Folsom Powerhouse - Sacramento Station A
  464 Prairie City  


654 Site of the First Jewish Synagogue Owned by a
  468 Michigan Bar  


    Congregation on the Pacific Coast

  525 Sutter's Fort  


654-1 Chevra Kaddisha (Home of Peace Cemetery)
  526 California's First Passenger Railroad  


657 Grave of Alexander Hamilton Willard
  558 Terminal of California's First Passenger Railroad  


666 Camp Union, Sutterville
  566 Sacramento City Cemetery  


680 Murphy's Ranch
  575 Sloughhouse  


697 Five Mile House - Overland Pony Express Route in
  591 Sutter's Landing  



  592 New Helvetia Cemetery  


698 Fifteen Mile House - Overland Pony Express Route
  593 Sutterville  


    in California

  594 Site of China Slough  


702 Folsom - Overland Pony Express Route in California
  595 Eagle Theater  


719 Grave of Elitha Cumi Donner Wilder
  596 Site of Home of Newton Booth  


745 Coloma Road - Sutter's Fort
  597 What Cheer House  


746 Coloma Road - Nimbus Dam
  598 Site of Stage and Railroad (First)  


780 First Transcontinental Railroad
  599 E.B. Crocker Art Gallery  


780-8 First Transcontinental Railroad - Western Base
  600 Headquarters of the "Big Four"  


    of the Sierra Nevada

  601 Western Hotel  


812 Old Sacramento
  602 Ebner's Hotel  


817 Site of First County Free Library Branch California
  603 Lady Adams Building  


823 Governor's Mansion
  604 Site of Sam Brannan House  


869 Site of First and Second State Capitols at
  605 Site of Sacramento Union  



  606 B.F. Hastings Building  


872 California's Capitol Complex
  607 Adams and Company Building  


900 Nisipowinan Village Site
  608 Site of Orleans Hotel  


934 Temporary Detention Camps for Japanese
  609 D.O. Mills Bank Building  


    Americans - Sacramento Assembly Center

  610 Overton Building  


967 California Almond Growers Exchange Processing
  611 Original Sacramento Bee Building  



  612 Pioneer Mutual Volunteer Firehouse  


991 State Indian Museum
  613 Site of Congregational Church  


1013 Site of the First African American Episcopal
  614 Stanford-Lathrop Home  


    Church Established on the Pacific Coast

David Schmitt