#181:  Fremont Peak

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Fremont Peak State Park, 11 mi S of Hwy 156 via San Juan Canyon Rd (Co Rd G1), plaque located in Abbey Park, SE corner of Fourth and Muckelemi Sts, San Juan Bautista

Plaque: 36.844775,-121.539450
Site: 36.756580,-121.502871




State Plaque


Apparently I smudged the camera right before these plaque photos. Bummer. Peak is located in a state park, access limited to hours of operation. Plaque is accessible at any time.

From the Guidebook:

On March 6, 1846, Captain John C. Frémont built a fort here on Gabilan (Gavilan) Peak (Fremont Peak). He unfurled his colors and for four days awaited the attack of a force of Californians. The battle did not materialize by the night of March 9, and Frémont broke camp and departed for Oregon.

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