#121:  Agua Mansa

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Agua Mansa Cemetery, 2001 Agua Mansa Rd, Colton





Private Plaque


Access to cemetery limited to operating hours. Plaque is inside fence but can be seen from outside.

From the Guidebook:

Don Juan Bandini, owner of the Jurupa Rancho, donated parts of his rancho to a group of New Mexican colonists in 1845 on the understanding that they would aid in repelling Indian raids on his stock. The community was named Agua Mansa-Gentle Water-and was prosperous until 1862, when a great flood suddenly swept down the Santa Ana, carrying away the village of adobe buildings and covering the fields with sand and gravel. The village was rebuilt on higher ground, but never regained its former prosperity.

From the plaque:

This historic site marks the resting place of the pioneers of the Agua Mansa area which was started about 1840. The preservation of this cemetery began in 1951.

This plaque placed by Jurupa Parlor N. 296 Native Daughters of the Golden West, June 11, 1961.

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