#43:  The Zanja

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Sylvan Park, University St, Redlands





State Plaque (as of 12/2012, the plaque has been removed, though the poles that once held it are still there.)



From the plaque:

Spanish missionaries introduced the principle of irrigation in San Bernardino Valley, thus opening the way to settlement. Franciscan fathers engineered, and Indians dug, this first ditch (or 'zanja') in 1819-20. In historical sequence the zanja supported the San Bernardino Asistencia, Rancho San Bernardino, pioneer ranches, orchards and Redlands' domestic water supply.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in cooperation with Redlands Kiwanis Club, City Park Department, and San Bernardino County Museum Association, 1965.

©2009 David Schmitt