#304:  Vallecito Stage Depot (Station)

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Vallecito Stage Station County Park, on County Rd S2 (P.M. 34.7), 3.7 mi NW of Agua Caliente Springs

Plaque: 33.09686,-116.475443
Site: 32.975488,-116.34994


State Plaque


San Diego County info


A second plaque is located 19 miles from the site, at intersection of road S2 and Hwy 78.

From the Guidebook:

Vallectio Stage Depot (Station)

A reconstruction (1934) of Vallecito Stage Station built in 1852 at the edge of the Great Colorado Desert. It was an important stop on the first official transcontinental route, serving the San Diego-San Antonio ('Jackass') mail line (1857-1859), the Butterfield Overland Stage Line, and the southern emigrant caravans.

Plaque Text:

Vallecito-Butterfield Stage Station

One of the chief remaining landmarks of famous old stage line. Coaches and spring wagons carried passengers and mail. Stations were built at 20-mile intervals. The first stage on the line left St. Louis on September 15, 1858.

Department of Public Works - Division of Highways

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